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Welcome to gimp_tutorial, a community specifically for users who would like to share their tutorials and knowledge of The Gimp to the LJ icon community.

Can I join?
Yes, of course! You can join by clicking here. We encourage you to; the more tutorials, the better! Also, feel free to friend the community to keep up with updates.

What can I post here?
Tutorials for any type of graphics or interesting techniques you've learned. Please, no questions on how to get that omgsotrendy effect on an icon or how to fix your program if it's gone crazy on you. That's what icon_tutorial and gimp_users are there for.


  1. All posts must be Gimp related.
    This means no Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. After all, this is gimp_tutorial.

  2. Unacceptable posts include:
    Questions, requests, pimps, icons, and resources. Any posts that don't follow this rule will be deleted.

  3. Use an LJ-Cut.
    When posting a tutorial, post a preview with it before the cut or link. Do not post more than two images larger than 200px outside of a cut.

  4. Use the Tags feature.
    When posting, label your post with tags. If your post doesn't fall into any of these categories, feel free to suggest some here.

Comments, suggestions, complaints?
Tell us here.

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